Arkansas Company Phyzit, Inc. Tackles Transitional Care Management Nationally

March 25th, 2015 by Rebecca Todd

Phyzit, Inc. cofounders Dr. Stephen Canon and Mike Canon, JD launched their Little Rock startup to improve patient-physician communication through telemedicine and mobile messaging.

Their application Phyzit TCM™ incorporates secure electronic messaging, phone calls, telemedicine video sessions, and SMS text messaging into a cloud-based platform designed to increase patient engagement and aid physicians in keeping patients healthy after hospital discharge.

According to the company, Phyzit TCM streamlines the transitional care management process through an intuitive interface to save time for office staff, reduce the workflow demands on primary care physicians, and increase revenue for their practices.

Patient benefits include direct communication with their own doctors and the ability to add family members or other caregivers to their health management plan.

Development occurred in stages, led by Phyzit team members Keith Moore, LJ Wilson, MS, and Stewart Whaley, JD working with Technosoft Solutions, Inc. A successful beta test was conducted in Dr. Brad Bibb’s Ash Flat office.

“Traditional EMR vendors are not addressing this space adequately and many PCPs are abstaining from the (transitional care management) process or spending significant human resources managing TCM,” said Moore, Phyzit CEO and MHSA.

Phyzit, Inc. is focusing on continued expansion of Phyzit TCM nationally, with current customers and pending negotiations in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts. The company also plans a Phyzit CCM™ service to aid physicians and their offices with chronic care management.

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center was crucial in Phyzit’s market and device research, providing extensive data on cellular phones and carriers, Internet connections and speeds, and the households that use these products.

“Understanding patient and PCP ability to access the Web, video, electronic messaging, and SMS was vital to our product development and initial marketing focus. Data provided by the ASBTDC was very helpful in our target market research,” said Whaley, chief privacy officer.

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