ARPA-E Announces $125M Challenge for New Energy Research Projects

January 27th, 2015 by Rebecca Todd

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) is designating $125 million to fund research and development projects focused on disruptive new energy technology.

Concept papers are due Feb. 27. The final submission deadline has not yet been determined. Applicants can be individuals or members of project teams.

This ARPA-E OPEN program was established to provide the agency with a means to fund innovative energy research and development that falls outside of the focused technology programs or that develop after focused solicitations have closed. Since this is an open solicitation, it also allows for a greater range of applicants in both academia and industry.

Specific topics:

  • Electricity generation by both renewable and non-renewable means;
  • Electricity transmission, storage, and distribution;
  • Energy efficiency for buildings, manufacturing and commerce, and personal use;
  • Energy efficiency for all aspects of transportation, including the production and distribution of both renewable and non-renewable fuels, electrification, and energy efficiency in transportation.

ARPA-E requests that applicant projects also reflect potential impact on the agency’s three mission areas: reducing imported energy, reducing energy-related emissions, and improving energy efficiency.

Through its 2015 OPEN program, the Energy Department plans to make up to 50 awards across the range of energy applications.

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