Se conecta ASBTDC innovadoras Los empresarios de Arkansas con expertos nacionales SBIR

13 de julio, 2015 por Gwen Verde

Cara a cara y en línea, ASBTDC is helping innovative Arkansas entrepreneurs engage with the federal agencies that award $2 billion annually to small businesses through the Investigación Small Business Innovation programa.

ASBTDC trajo recientemente dos expertos SBIR, Brent Elrod y DR. Lenka Fedorkova, to Little Rock to network with Arkansas-based entrepreneurs and companies and share their agency-specific insights. Cada una de las 11 agencies that participate in SBIR has unique requirements and points of emphasis that prospective small business applicants need to know to increase their odds of winning federal awards.

Mayo 19, ASBTDC hosted a USDA SBIR Networking Event at UALR featuring Elrod, national SBIR program leader for the Department of Agriculture and head of the agency’s Community and Rural Development programa. Elrod talked with participants about their emerging technology ideas and gave advice for writing successful applications.

“This event provided attendees with the immediate benefit of face time with Mr. Elrod to begin building professional agency relationships and to learn how to shape their project ideas to match the USDA’s SBIR priority areas,", Dijo Rebecca Norman, ASBTDC innovation consultant. “In the long-term, attendees will benefit from maintaining communication with Mr. Elrod and gathering feedback on evolving project ideas prior to proposal submission.”

Fedorkova, SBIR/STTR program manager for the National Institutes of Health, visited Little Rock July 1 to meet with several Arkansas entrepreneurs and get acquainted with their biotechnology-based research. El personal ASBTDC organizó y participó en las reuniones. En junio, a Q&A con el Dr.. Fedorkova was published on ASBTDC’s Lab2Launch blog and featured in the L2L newsletter.

“Dr. Fedorkova’s years of experience in the fields of technology transfer and commercialization make her a strong asset for companies to engage for specific guidance in bridging the gap between final product development and commercial market,” said Norman. “As these small businesses move forward with their projects, Fedorkova can bring awareness to their efforts through her professional network of agency and business contacts.”

ASBTDC continues to host popular seminarios web en directo featuring SBIR experts. Desde 2011, ASBTDC has offered webinars in partnership with agencies including USDA, NIH, Fundación Nacional para la Ciencia, Agencia de Protección Ambiental, U.S. Ministerio de agricultura, y la U.S.. Departamento de Educación. NIH Scientific Review Officer DR. Amy Rubinstein was the featured presenter for the most recent webinar June 8.

La asistencia técnica y extensión ASBTDC proporciona a las empresas de ciencia y de base tecnológica es apoyado por Federal y Tecnología del Estado (RÁPIDO) Partnership funding from the Small Business Administration.