Physical Therapy Associates traslada a la nueva Facilidad

29 de marzo, 2016 por Gwen Verde

Nathan Tumlinson, Associates Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Associates tiene un nuevo hogar.

Nathan Tumlinson (foto) abrió la clínica de terapia física ortopédica ambulatoria en Little Rock 13 hace años que. En 2014, Tumlinson y su esposa Lisa decidieron comprar un terreno y mover la clínica de un centro comercial a una instalación que construirían.

The new location opened two months ago on Aldersgate Road, cerca de la Interestatal 430. Tumlinson dijo que los pacientes estaban disfrutando el fácil acceso a la carretera Kanis y abundante aparcamiento.

“Our current patients repeatedly tell us that our location on Aldersgate is ideal,” he said. “Two specific things come up on a regular basis in their comments. Primera, the access with the stoplight at Kanis and Aldersgate is excellent and safe. Second, patients who knew our clinic located in a strip mall tell us how much better it is to have a private parking lot where they don’t have to compete for spaces.”

Associates has three full-time physical therapists, including Tumlinson. The new clinic is large enough to accommodate a fourth, and Tumlinson’s goal is for patient volume to necessitate adding another therapist.

Para financiar el proyecto, Tumlinson obtained SBA-guaranteed financing through Arkansas Capital Corporation Group. Jarrod Norwood of the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center helped Tumlinson develop a business plan and successfully navigate the SBA loan application process.

“I would tell other small business owners that the ASBTDC can really help you navigate the murky waters when dealing with the Small Business Administration,” Tumlinson said. “The ASBTDC truly made our life much easier as they directed us and assisted us throughout.”

Tumlinson heard about the ASBTDC from one of his patients, an entrepreneur himself. His lender also suggested contacting the center.

“I have learned that it doesn’t get easier as you grow but that there are excellent resources out there to help you deal with the challenges of growing your business,” he said. “The ASBTDC is truly too good to be true. I keep waiting for the bill to come for their services, but they keep reassuring me it is free! Thanks again to Jarrod and the ASBTDC for everything.”

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Associates Physical Therapy's new facility on Aldersgate Road in Little Rock