Camps Medical Pharmacy

April 4th, 2015 by Gwen Green

With the medical community rapidly expanding in the northeast sector of Jonesboro, Kemuel and Donna Camp, owners of Camps Medical Pharmacy, knew the time was right to relocate their business.

The two realized that to continue their eight years of growth, they needed to be located in the area of town where the medical community and population were increasing. They opened in their new location on East Johnson Avenue in December 2014.

The Camps were referred to the ASBTDC at Arkansas State University by a local lender. Lead Business Consultant Robert Bahn provided the couple with resources to enable them to develop their business plan, which Bahn then reviewed. Acting as a sounding board and adviser throughout the project, Bahn also worked closely with the Camps to develop a financial projection illustrating the business’ growth potential with the relocation. They were able to obtain a loan to assist with their move and business expansion.