Determining Legal Form of Business/Incorporating

Determining Your Legal Form of Business

Be sure to research and discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages of each form of ownership with a qualified accountant or attorney before you finalize your decision. If a business files and never does business as a corporation, the business is still responsible for annual franchise taxes. The fee to dissolve a corporation is $50 plus the current year’s franchise taxes.

Incorporating Your Business

Contact the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office to incorporate a business or to register a state trademark. A business is not required to incorporate. Employees in the Secretary of State’s Office will not give any legal advice regarding the pros and cons of incorporating.

There is a one-time, $50 filing fee to incorporate. Thereafter, a corporation will pay an annual franchise fee minimum of $150.

Incorporating a business offers individuals a safeguard in protecting personal assets from liability.

Incorporating ensures a business name will not be used by other incorporated businesses within the state. However, a trademark offers the best name protection. The Secretary of State’s Office can conduct a complimentary name or trademark search for the business.

Secretary of State’s Office
Business/Commercial Services Division
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The legal structure you choose for your business will have tax, legal, and financial implications. This video addresses some basic questions about the legal forms of business.