Highlights from the Arkansas Technology Summit

November 19th, 2014 by Rebecca Todd

The Arkansas Technology Summit, held Nov. 13 at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, drew more than 170 attendees to network and hear from some of Arkansas’ most promising university-based technology companies.

The audience included private equity firm Fulcrum Equity Partners as well as major state funding and support agencies such as the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, Arkansas Economic Development Commission, and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Each company had the chance to present for 10 minutes and then answer audience questions. Nineteen companies were represented.

Here’s a sampling:


MitoGene (UAMS BioVentures) – MitoGene Beverage Company is a subsidiary of MitoGene LLC and carries the flagship hydrogen water product HTWO™.

Preliminary studies have shown the drink’s specific hydrogen concentration to have a protective effect on the integrity of genetic material in human cells. Unlike other antioxidant energy drinks on the market, it works by replenishing the body’s mitochondrial cells to address fatigue and premature aging.

The company expects to sell HTWO™ as an energy beverage at high-end health and wellness retail stores. In the future, MitoGene is exploring developing a version of their product with medical applications, said founder Cody Cook (pictured above).

Cook is both a senior MD student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and an instructor in the UAMS Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Company co-founder and Chief Promotions Officer Mike Conley is the president and CEO of MMG Sports Management and in the USA Track and Field Hall of Fame.


PolyAd_demoPoly-Adaptive (UALR)
– This Little Rock nanotechnology company is making great strides with the development of its Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS), which can lift and remove large amounts of dust and other debris from surfaces simply by the push of a button. Principal Investigator and Program Manager Dr. Charles Buhler talked about the company’s current project for Southern California Edison’s Rooftop program. The project could potentially save SCE over $8 million each year in solar panel system cleaning costs.

The Poly-Adaptive scientific team is comprised of Buhler, co-inventor and UALR Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences Director Dr. Alex Biris, and co-inventor Dr. Steve Trigwell, a Kennedy Space Center contractor. Dr. Buhler demostrated the EDS (shown here) following his talk.

Videos of Poly-Adaptive’s EDS technology at work can be found on the company’s website.



TiFiber (UA-Fayetteville) – Dr. Mike Rutherford (pictured) and his team are developing new antimicrobial polymers that offer an alternative to triclosan and triclocarbon, which may be causing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and disrupting hormone levels.

TiFiber’s first targeted market niche is soap products. Its co-development partner, Bradford Soap, is the largest bar soap manufacturer in North America, producing many of the leading personal care brands on today’s market. Long-term, Rutherford said TiFiber plans to also target markets such as surgical instruments and disposable medical plastics such as catheters.

Learn more about TiFiber through the company website.

Additional details about the event can be found here.