I am seeking a small business loan. How can ASBTDC assist me?

January 10th, 2014 by Gwen Green

The ASBTDC can help you throughout the business loan process. We can assist you with preparing a loan proposal containing the information that lenders (and SBA) need as they consider your loan request.

We can also provide information about what lenders consider when evaluating a potential small business loan and can guide you through the process of assembling a good business plan and/or loan proposal that presents your plans clearly. If you already have a proposal, we can offer feedback on its contents and any modifications that may be advisable.

Lenders often refer loan applicants to the ASBTDC. In addition to helping with your business plan and loan proposal, we can answer other small business questions, provide guidance on the project’s feasibility, or gathering information about the industry or market.

Please note, the ASBTDC is not a decision maker in the lending process. We cannot influence a lender’s or the SBA’s decision about your loan or negotiate on your behalf when you apply for a business loan. The ASBTDC does not have any money to loan to individuals or businesses.