Lawn Doctor en Hot Springs

18 de de agosto de, 2015 por Gwen Verde

lawn-doctor-logoCuando Todd and Janis Rucker decided to purchase Lawn Doctor of Hot Springs, se volvieron hacia el Centro de Desarrollo de Pequeños Negocios Arkansas y Tecnología de la Universidad Estatal de Henderson.

Durante todo el proceso de adquisición, the couple worked with Brandon Horvath, consultor de negocios en el centro. Él ayudó a identificar el potencial de crecimiento económico para el negocio, set goals, and prepare a comprehensive business plan and detailed financial projections they used to obtain financing.

The Ruckers received a Small Business Administration-guaranteed loan through Arvest Bank in Hot Springs and acquired the Lawn Doctor franchise in March 2015. Brett Ausley, Arvest commercial loan officer, referred the couple to the HSU ASBTDC and assisted with their loan.

Lawn Doctor of Hot Springs provides maintenance lawn care to customers in Garland, Clark, Primavera calurosa, and Montgomery counties primarily. La base de clientes incluye a los propietarios de viviendas, dueños de propiedades comerciales, y las asociaciones de propiedad y de vivienda.

As service manager for Lawn Doctor of Hot Springs since 2009, Todd Rucker knew the operation inside and out. With ASBTDC’s assistance, he translated that knowledge into a solid loan package and plan for ownership.

“It was my good fortune to have been introduced to Brandon Horvath at the ASBTDC located at HSU in Arkadelphia,” he said. “I had a thorough understanding of the business I was purchasing, but I needed to develop a business plan and generate some financial projections in order to obtain financing. Brandon was eager and enthusiastic to provide assistance.

“The most impressive part of my interaction with him was his ability to listen. As a result, I knew he really cared. En turno, it gave me confidence the plan and projections he was providing were accurate and trustworthy. With the completed business plan and financial projections in hand, it served to reinforce my understanding of the business and helped set a path for future success.”

As the Ruckers look to grow their business they will continue working with Horvath and the center at HSU.

"En el futuro, I plan to take advantage of the many tools and training offered by the ASBTDC,” said Todd. “I firmly believe it will help ensure continued success for me and my business and will help us operate more efficiently.”

Lawn Doctor of Hot Springs employs 12 full-time staff. Services available include fertilization and weed control of lawns; fertilization, disease, and insect control of shrubs and other small ornamentals; and weed control of shrub beds and other off-lawn areas. To find out more, visita or call 501.609.0055.

“Todd has expressed many admirable goals for the company, including investing in the professional development of employees,”Dijo Horvath. “I am excited to see Todd and Janis grow the company to fulfill the goals they have set.”