Mustard Seed Children’s Academy

August 25th, 2015 by Gwen Green

“I have a deep commitment and personal passion for quality education and care for pre-school age children,” says Josephine Adesina, owner of the new Mustard Seed Children’s Academy in Bentonville.

“All my adult life I found myself involved with children’s programs and children’s activities outside my professional life,” said Josephine, who previously worked in accounting and finance. “Then when I became a mother and struggled in my quest to find a truly educational day care and pre-school program for my child, I knew that opening Mustard Seed Children’s Academy was the answer to my frustration and could help so many other families facing this dilemma.”

Josephine Adesina, owner of Mustard Seed Children's AcademyOpen since March, Mustard Seed offers childcare and pre-school education to children ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten and after-school care for ages 6-12.

“My mother was an educator and my father was a Baptist theology professor, so I come from a long line of people committed to education and developing young minds and spirits,” said the new business owner.

For help with her venture, Adesina was referred to the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville last summer. The center’s Larry Brian (now retired) assisted her with several aspects of starting a business.

“Larry helped me first with all my financial projections,” she said. “Furthermore, the market research Larry provided me on my potential students, their families in the area, regional day care industry averages, etc., saved me months of time. Also, Larry was so helpful in assisting me in choosing between the final two locations for the academy I had selected by providing neighborhood demographics to see if I was in the best location for my target consumer and families.

“He made the journey so much smoother than if I had to try it all on my own, even with my accounting and finance background.”

An SBA-guaranteed loan assisted Adesina with the build-out and furnishing of the brand new facility, located at 1454 E. Central Ave. not far from the Bentonville Square.

Mustard Seed employs 18 full-time and 13 part-time staff.