National Space Biomedical Research Institute Offers Lab Fellowship

February 26th, 2015 by Rebecca Todd

Scientists or physician-scientists are encouraged to explore the National Space Biomedical Research Institute First Award Fellowship Program.

Selected fellows will get one year in any laboratory in the U.S. conducting biomedical/biotechnological research aligned with NSBRI’s goals. The Institute leads a national effort to conduct the research necessary to support long-term human presence, development, and exploration of space and enhances life on Earth by applying the resulting advances in human knowledge and technology.

Eligible applicants need to hold one of the following degrees: Ph.D, MD, MD/Ph.D, D.Sc., DVM, DO, or equivalent. Applicants who anticipate earning a terminal degree by the end of the 2015 calendar year are eligible to participate in this opportunity. Fellows are responsible for identifying an appropriately qualified and experienced mentor.

Applications are due June 5 and will be scientifically and technically peer-reviewed by the NSBRI First Award Fellowship Committee made up of scientists familiar with space biomedical/biotechnological research.

Selected research projects will become part of an NSBRI Science and Technology Team focused on advancing the research toward an applied intervention to ensure the health of humans living and working in space.

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