Real Life Apparel

January 20th, 2016 by Gwen Green

Owners of Real Life ApparelFriends Jasa Babb and Suzanne Gately along with Jasa’s daughter, Leighton, have created a new clothing line that expresses Southern style.

Real Life Apparel, LLC sells T-shirts and hats for men, women, and children in a multitude of designs and colors. Each piece reflects “Southernly”themes, like sweet tea, pickup trucks, and American flags.

Since its startup in September, the company’s clothing has been a hit at War Eagle, Dazzle Daze, Mistletoe Market, and other events across the state. Real Life Apparel items are also available online.

Jasa and Suzanne first encountered the ASBTDC at a “Website in a Day” workshop they attended to build their e-commerce site.

“It was such a blessing to find out that someone could walk us through building a website step by step for a reasonable price. It was very beneficial, informative, and we got the building blocks we needed for our website that very day,” said Babb.

Through ASBTDC’s one-on-one consulting, Babb received assistance with issues such as business entity questions, accounting setup, and sales tax compliance. She has also worked with an ASBTDC consultant to put the finishing touches on her website.

“The ASBTDC’s assistance has been priceless for my company. We would not be where we are today without it. I had attempted to start my own business years ago and failed simply because I didn’t have the knowledge or guidance and direction I needed. Holding my hand and walking me through this step by step, the ASBTDC has put us on the road to success,” she said.

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