Disaster Preparedness Resources

Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses

Arkansas is subject to floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and man-made disasters, such as utility outages or train derailments. Have you identified the key threats to your business and its continued operation? After identifying threats, either eliminate their impact or prepare for how your business will cope with their effects.

ASBTDC has long recommended using the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Open for Business toolkit to document  and create a small business disaster plan. Having a plan will help ensure you can open your business doors in 72 hours or fewer following a disaster.

Watch our recorded webinar “Act Now! Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses” for a comprehensive overview.


Disaster Preparedness Resources

Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses

Has your business or community been disrupted by tornadoes, floods, or storms? Your immediate actions can mean the difference in your business surviving or closing. Your goal is to open your doors for business in less than 72 hours, if possible.

Checklist for Re-Opening Your Business After a Disaster

Checklist for Managing in Times of Financial Difficulty


The recorded webinar “Disaster Recovery for Small Business” provides an overview of the major actions you should take to re-open your small business following a disaster.


ASBTDC business consultants are available, on an appointment basis and at no cost, to assist you in completing SBA disaster loan applications. Often, a consultant can meet you at your place of business. Contact your local ASBTDC office or call 800.862.2040 and identify yourself as needing disaster assistance.


SBA Disaster Loan Programs

The purpose of the SBA’s Disaster Loan Programs is to offer financial assistance to those who are trying to rebuild their homes and businesses in the aftermath of a disaster. By offering low-interest loans, the Small Business Administration is committed to long-term recovery efforts.

Our business consultants are available by appointment to assist you in completing your SBA disaster loan application.


SBA Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center

Disaster assistance to small businesses is handled outside of the normal SBA organization structure through the Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center (CSC) located in Buffalo, N.Y. Both individuals and businesses may request disaster assistance through the center.

Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center

130 South Elmwood Avenue
Suite 516
Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: 716.843.4100
TTY: 800.877.8339
Fax: 716.843.4281

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern), Monday through Friday