SBIR / STTR programa para reautorizó 5 Años

11ª de enero de, 2017 por Rebecca Todd

La Cámara y el Senado aprobaron la Innovación Tecnológica en Pequeñas Empresas (SBIR) y Transferencia de Tecnología para Pequeñas Empresas (STTR) reautorización como parte de la Ley de Autorización de Defensa Nacional (HORA 1540). Con este pasaje, los programas SBIR / STTR están asegurados de Sept. 30, 2017 a septiembre. 30, 2022.

The SBIR/STTR reauthorization will keep most of the base programs the same, though pilot programs from the previous reauthorization will expire Sept. 30, 2017. These pilot programs include Direct to Phase II, where a Phase I award is not required, and the Phase 0 Proof of Concept Partnership pilot that included any civilian agency participating in a Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRPP). The National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense had both used Direct to Phase II.

Participating agencies will also lose their current option to reserve up to 3% of SBIR funding to help with improved internal administrative services.

Program allocation set-asides will remain at their current levels – 3.2% for SBIR and .45% for STTR from participating agenciesextramural research and development budgets. Changes to these set aside amounts could still occur at a later date as separate legislation.

Prospective applicants can continue to compete for SBIR/STTR funding with confidence that these programs will continue to support research and development of new and needed innovations to address critical market needs identified by participating agencies.

Those interested in taking advantage of the Direct to Phase II program options or the CRPP are encouraged to do so before Sept. 30.

SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Details