Business Startup – Licenses and Permits

Because of the time, fees, and red tape involved, obtaining licenses and permits may be some of your last steps before opening a business.

There are different requirements at the city, county, state and federal levels that apply to different aspects of businesses. The Local Requirements section below pertains to the Little Rock/North Little Rock metro area. Inquire with local municipalities if your business is located outside of this area.

Do you have to have a business license? The answer to that question is likely “yes.” Most new businesses have to have a business license, also known as a privilege license. However, it depends on your location. In addition, there are often other requirements beyond the basic business license. For example, did you know that most businesses have to assess for business personal property for the county?

Apply for a business license in the city in which the business is physically located. If the business is outside city limits, contact the county clerk’s office. If the business has a physical location in other cities, inquire about a business license for these cities. Businesses outside the city limits may still need a business license to operate within the city limits.

Local Requirements – Zoning, Building and Sign Permits, Business License, Registering a Business Name

State Requirements – Special Licenses and Permits

Federal Requirements – EIN, Labor Laws, Immigration

Determining the Legal Form of Business/Incorporating

An agency or board specific to a given discipline regulates many occupations and/or businesses. Make sure that the business or job function you perform is properly licensed by the appropriate regulatory agency. It is impossible to list all legal requirements for any business. These are guidelines only.