Market Research and Analysis

Every small business needs customers. Market research can help identify and find those customers. ASBTDC staff works one-on-one with business owners to determine what research is needed as well as how to use the information. The customized research can help business owners answer questions such as:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • What do they buy?
  • Where can I find more like them?
  • How can I reach my customers?

ASBTDC performs personalized, tailored market analysis based on the needs of each client. The in-depth, high-quality information comes from three sources: subscriptions to more than 20 proprietary market research databases, special GIS mapping software licensed by ASBTDC, and the wide range of academic resources ASBTDC has access to as a university-based program.

ASBTDC research services are offered at no charge to for-profit small businesses in Arkansas. For more information, contact your nearest ASBTDC office.