Marketing and Sales

Should I buy an online ad? Do I need to spend money on direct mail? Since most small businesses don’t have large marketing budgets, your approach to marketing should be strategic. You need to start by answering these two questions:

  • Who are my target customers?
  • Why would they buy from me?

These questions are fundamental, and all of your marketing efforts should be based on your answers. If you aren’t sure how to answer the questions, ASBTDC can help.

Marketing involves all of the ways in which you communicate with customers. Essentially, marketing is presenting a message to customers and influencing customer perceptions. Effective marketing doesn’t happen by accident. Developing a coordinated, targeted, and systematic approach to marketing requires planning.

Your marketing plan can be formal or informal. Whichever format your plan takes, it should include a written timeline identifying planned marketing activities and go hand-in-hand with your business objectives and financial resources.

Video: Dos and Don’ts of Marketing