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Small Business Center Produces Large Economic Impact

September 1st, 2015 por Gwen Verde

By providing small business owners with the tools and support they need to succeed, the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center is driving economic development.

Businesses assisted by the ASBTDC network increased sales 17.8 percent more than the average Arkansas business, generated $16.2 millones in tax revenues, and produced jobs at a brisk rate, an independent study found. De acuerdo con el recientemente lanzado 2013-2014 economic impact study, as a direct result of assistance from the Arkansas SBTDC, client businesses created 2,144 empleos, increasing employment 31.9 por ciento more than other businesses. The study also found that businesses assisted by the center

  • Retenido 725 puestos de trabajo existentes
  • Aumento de las ventas de más de $199.9 millones
  • Aumento de las ventas 20.5 por ciento
  • Generado $11 millones de dólares en ingresos por impuestos estatales y $5.2 millones de dólares en ingresos fiscales federales
  • Raised $78.6 million in capital financing

“Small businesses generate jobs and tax revenues that are critical to communities across Arkansas,", Dijo Janet Roderick, director estatal. “As this study shows, businesses assisted by ASBTDC create more jobs and increase sales more than the average business, which is good news for our small business clients as well as the state and local economies.” For every dollar invested in the ASBTDC program, clients generated a return on investment (ROI) de $6.80, the study found.

DR. James J. Chrisman, an independent consultant, conducted the annual study of ASBTDC clients’ economic impact. The study analyzed sales and employment changes, financing obtained, and tax revenues generated by a statistical sampling of established and pre-venture clients. Chrisman comparó clientes’ de empleo y de ventas los datos del año recibieron asistencia para el año siguiente con los cambios medios de todos los negocios de Arkansas durante el mismo período de tiempo.

Unique among the state’s economic development organizations, ASBTDC services are available to businesses from any county in Arkansas, de cualquier sector de la industria, at any stage of development. ASBTDC is a university-based program funded by University of Arkansas at Little Rock and six other state universities in partnership with the U.S. Administración de Pequeños Negocios.

Headquartered at the UALR College of Business, ASBTDC is marking its 35º year of service to Arkansas entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2015.