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'Ciudades inteligentes’ El uso de la tecnología para mejorar la IO servicios municipales; Cumbre prevista para junio

27 de de enero de, 2016 por Sarah Ricard

AT&T and three U.S. metropolitan areas—Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas—have joined together to establish a Smart Cities Framework using Internet de las Cosas innovations to create solutions for cities. In the first stage, the three metros will show how Internet-connected technologies and sensors can improve municipal services.

The Smart Cities Framework adds new services in four categories (in addition to existing AT&T services): infraestructura, citizen engagement, transportation, and public safety.

haga clic aquí for more details about the partnership with AT&T.

Smart Cities Innovation Summit

Representatives from more than 100 cities will converge in Austin, Tejas, Junio 13-15 to participate in the Smart Cities Innovation Summit.

The summit gives city leadership and other interested parties a chance to learn about innovative technology and service providers in order to find state-of-the-art solutions and best practices in areas such as energy solutions, transportation, sensor networks, environmental solutions, water management, waste management, data analytics, cyber security, and much more.

The summit’s Ciudades Inteligentes Innovation Challenge is for technologies, companies, or projects that address climate, population, energía, and resources. Submissions are due Feb. 26.