Step-by-Step Training for New Businesses

January 13th, 2017 by Pamela Reed

Are you a new business owner or thinking about starting a business? Then you may be interested in our step-by-step training track.
This track will feature six basic seminars that are essential for laying a strong business foundation that can increase the success of your business. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. from February to July to learn from the experts how to start your business the right way.
Click here to register for the first three seminars now. Just look for the “Steps” on the registration page.
Step 1
Starting a Business in Arkansas
Startup steps, legal business structures, regulations and licensing, key issues that affect your business success, and common pitfalls entrepreneurs face.
Feb. 1
Step 2
How to Write a Business Plan
Learn how to put together a plan that can be shared with lenders and investors and guide the growth of your business.
March 1
Step 3
Business Finance Options
Learn about the business financing process and different sources of capital, including SBA-backed loans, traditional bank loans, micro loans, and alternative funding sources.
April 5
Step 4
Big Impact Marketing Techniques
Learn how to identify your target market, create a marketing plan and calendar, develop your
image and brand, and utilize online as well as traditional channels.
May 3
Step 5
Boost Your Sales
Develop a sales strategy and learn how to recognize buyer’s needs as well as strengthen your sales team’s communication.
June 7
Step 6
Website in a Day
Step-by-step, we will help you create a free account and an attractive, functional, five-page website.
July 5
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