The Invisibles: Trends in Advanced Sensor Technology

October 21st, 2014 by Rebecca Todd

A recent article in Innovation Daily takes a look at the state of the art in digital technology, and the author expects “invisibles” to revolutionize health and wellness.

Wearable sensor technology has become a part of everyday life and through applications such as clothing, monitoring and real-time feedback can happen. However, since wearables can be put on or taken off, continuous monitoring and data collection are not always possible.

The newest market being created through advanced sensor technology is “invisibles,” defined as “minimal, simple, intuitive devices that are seamlessly integrated into our lives.”

Researchers are exploring how invisible sensor technology can be integrated into the human body. In the medical field, such devices are expected to change behavior, help people adhere to new treatments, and create more effective communication between caregivers and patients.

Apple and Samsung have already taken initial steps to create a digital platform. The next step will be to use invisibles to enrich human experiences without any interruption from machines. For example, many people who need hearing aids often don’t comply with using them due to stigma and challenges associated with adjustment. Preliminary work on invisible hearing aids has shown it to be possible to reduce the device size and create colors that blend with hair and skin tone.

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